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Johnny doesn’t feel very good and his brothers and sister and Mom are rallying around him. Feel better Johnny!!

Johnny and Bears 001

This scene came about as Jim was trying to make me feel better. It did! Jim is so funny and I really appreciate him. I’ve got that upper respiratory stuff that is going around….doesn’t make you feel so good!


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I love color!

As I get older, I get more colorful in my thinking! Maybe it’s the Indian heritage coming out, I don’t know…but I love the colors and the brighter, the better!

Here is one of our new products:

         Our version of a soap on a rope: AropaSoap

And here are some of the things I use to make our new AropaSoap:

color 002

And here is a new bird I’ve just made…with a little mohawk! Isn’t he cute?

color 004

Need to get back to work…just wanted to show some color today! It’s been so cloudy and rainy! Have a great day!!

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A Piece of Peace

4-29-09 008

The last year, I had been waking up in the morning with a very small nudge of anxiety. I couldn’t put my finger on why….or how it all began. But it was there.

I can’t tell you why…or tell you the moment I realized this…I can only tell you that I wake up now with a piece of peace. As I think more about that growing feeling of peace I’ve had upon awakening in the morning, I think it had its beginnings with my daily morning walks with my ipod.

I purchased Jim a set of cds of Proverbs and the Psalms during his 6 months of truck driving…..I thought it would be nice to listen to God’s word as he traveled down the road maneuvering his big 53′ truck. The cd set was stuck away after he decided that the trucking world was not his cup of tea…wasn’t mine either!! I had forgotten all about it until I purchased my first ipod. I was going through some wonderful music, trying to decide what to download on it…wondering what kind of music would get me going in the morning. So…the first few mornings I took my ipod with me walking, I was humming to some classical and then I suddenly switched to some cute songs from My Best Friend’s Wedding. Oh, it was fine and did make me move a little faster…..but still. I had these wonderful moments alone, walking, enjoying the cool outdoors and but just couldn’t bring myself to hum the likes of “I Say A Little Prayer” and “Wishin’ and Hopin'”. More in step with the newness of the morning was the idea of worshipping God….and what better way, besides praying but listening to His Word. And that’s exactly what I started doing.

And just today……..just today I realized that I no longer awake with that nagging feeling….I can hardly wait to get out there to walk with God. Today was market day for me, so I didn’t get that chance….but this morning was very, very pleasant for me. And I know why now……..and I suspect that today was the first time I realized and………..I can tell you why. I’ve always been encouarged with the scripture that tells us that God’s word never comes back to Him void. There’s always good in it. Always.

As I walk down my walking road, where the horses are, I look at them in awe as I hear,” So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.”  That was Psalm 41:10

Anniversary pictures 094

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Back to my cello …

Today was the first lesson from being off….not all of summer… but a good part of it. It was good to get back and be accountable to someone…namely my cello teacher. We talked about my bowing which probably is the hardest thing for me! If I didn’t have to worry about proper bowing, I could play ok….!! Also I am battling playing with a cello that I purchased from ebay a year ago. If I had to do it over again, I would have rented one and then perhaps purchase a better one later.

Today I was able to play a little on my teacher’s cello while she was trying to tune mine. The little tuners at the base of the bridge are a pain to turn. Because I have arthritis, it is hard for me to do it. Surprisingly, my cello (which I have nick named Charlie) stays in tune for the most part. Anyway, while I was playing her cello, I couldn’t believe the difference between the two instruments! The tone! The strings and how easy they were to play…!!

I don’t want to blame Charlie for my lack of skill…although I want to, but I’ve heard that a good cellist can get a good sound out of almost any quality cello. But I really think, if I had a good cello, it would sound so much different.

But after a year of playing and taking lessons, I have improved so much! What a difference a year makes. I will keep on….and dream of a new cello some day.

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Charlotte Magazine

Amazing, but true! O My Soap! is one of the companies featured in the latest issue of Charlotte Magazine’s Soap Box. So exciting, but we cannot locate copies of the magazine anywhere in our area. Oh well, at least we were able to see it online. What do you think?

      Photo & Article by Sarah Crosland

Lather up guilt free. These soaps and scrubs with scents like lavender, rosemary, and spearmint are all natural and all local. Local soap makers handcraft each one with ingredients such as goat’s milk, shea butter, and olive oil to leave your skin soft and clean. Scrub in the essential oils and wash away the day.

Sweet Sugar whipped body scrub by Sugar Coat It
4 oz., $12
Cottage Chic

Oatmeal, Milk, and Honey by O My Soap!

Lavender by No Kidding!! Soaps
Healthy Home Market

Lavender by O My Soap!

Adirondack by O My Soap!

Lovin’ Life butter scrub by Augisa & Co. Organics
4 oz., $12.99
Earth Fare

Peppermint Rosemary Poppyseed by No Kidding!! Soaps
Healthy Home Market

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