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Fabric + Dorothy= Love

I really do know where everything is....honest!!

I need to organize!

A Breath of Avignon by American Jane.....so verry french!!

Wee Woodlands by Keiki for Moda..not sure what I am going to do with this but really loved it. Maybe some cute eye pillows? This fabric would look cute for my Itty Bitty Lavender Sachets too!

My most favorite designer...Kaffe Fassett!! Maybe one day a Kaffe Fassett quilt??


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Our little Clover

In the past, we’ve always had large dogs….never thought we could love a little pip squeak. But 7 years ago, my sister gave me this part yorkie/maltese puppy and Jim and I instantly fell in love. As she has grown, she has a very annoying habit of jumping, jumping when she sees people….I should contact Cesar Millan of the Dog Whisperer.

but the joy she gives us is never-ending! I could go on and on but would sound like a little old lady!!  Wish I could enter her in the O You Dirty Dog contest! Anyway, if you have a pet, go give him or her a hug today. They are such faithful friends. Never judging or having a critical spirit! What a sweetie!


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Never Enough Thyme……?


I see this little saying printed on this pillow every time I go into my house. I forget where I purchased it, but thought it would be cute on our porch rocker. But as time (thyme!!) went on, those little words came to have a special meaning to me.

Those words started searing a pattern in my mind and heart….”never enough thyme”. The pattern was not a pretty pattern….it zig zagged all over my mind….and especially my heart. Never enough thyme….never enough……never. I realized I was making excuses for why I never did the things I desired to do most. The biggest “thing” I never had time to do (or so I thought) is to spend time with my loved ones and friends. You know….spending time with your kids and grandkids….making that time you spend with them count for eternity. And friends….I can count on one hand the number of real friends I have. Pretty sad, isn’t it? Friends…. and really any relationships you have, need to be nurtured…and one way to do that is take time with that husband, daughter, son, grandchild, mom, dad, sister, brother and friend. No excuses. 

We get caught up in life….work, work, work. Well, maybe I need to find a pillow that says, “Take thyme to love”….maybe that would make a new pattern in my heart and change my attitude about life. Just my thoughts today…

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…..Coming home from working at the Farmers Market, utterly exhausted, and finding these in my mailbox!!

I knew that these packages held my recently purchased buttons….

Some were wrapped very creatively….others were wrapped in whatever was at hand…but they all held wonderful surprises!!!

I purchased all of these wonderful vintage buttons at www.etsy.com where you don’t have to bid on an item, but just purchase it!!  I love all of these. And sometimes I dream and wonder what wonderful dress or garment “wore” these buttons proudly!

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