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There are so many devices that can safeguard our homes from tragedy. I read that 93% of American homes have a smoke detector. Many have more than one. Carbon monoxide detectors have become a very important device to plug in for protection. Some homes have locks that would defy the most ardent burgler. We put rubber mats under rugs to make sure no one slips and falls. There are also bath mats…same thing, so no one will slip and fall. You can find safe, sturdy stepping stools in kitchens to insure that you will be safe when reaching for something high. Most homes with children should have the cleaning supplies safely hidden away from curious little ones. A fire extinguisher is a must in any sized kitchen. I’ve never seen a kitchen without an oven mitt for taking out a baked pie from the oven.

Other safety tips to remember is having your fireplace checked seasonly to prepare it for safe use in the winter. We also call an expert to maintain our furnaces for safe use. And we all know how dangerous it is to overload an extention cord….a fire hazard for sure! Make sure candles are used wisely…don’t let them burn without supervision. During snowstorms, no one needs to be reminded to sprinkle salt on sidewalks! And keeping trees trimmed, cleaning your gutters, locking your car doors at night, loving your family unconditionally…..wait, what was that? Loving my family unconditionally is a safety tip?

I would venture to say that most people would think of things like smoke detectors etc when thinking of a safe home. I have been disturbed lately by so many homes not being a safe haven. A place where you can be yourself and not feel condemned. A place that you look forward to coming through the door every evening and being met with love and acceptance……unconditionally.  The dictionary defines “haven” as any place of shelter and safety; refuge or asylum. In this world where we live now, especially right this minute, there are hundreds of battles we fight out in the work place. And this is an every day occurance in so many people’s lives. Your home should be a place that you can breathe a sigh of relief every time you open that door and greet that pooch of yours…

Now that’s contentment! In our homes…and in our families, there should never be a spirit of fear, only a spirit of love. One should never feel they are being judged or made fun of.  A person should feel they can be themselves and still be loved!  Warts and all!!!  Acceptance is key to a spirit of contentment.  Our homes should be filled with acceptance, contentment….it should be a place of refuge, filled with unconditional love.  And it shouldn’t matter what you look like…………I can come out from just getting up in the morning, and my sweet Jim tells me “Good morning, beautiful”…..and he really means it!  Our homes need to be filled with Christ…..

“For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.” I Samuel 16:7

Yes, it’s important to do an annual safety check to make sure you have a safe home, but more importantly, do a daily “safe haven check” on your home to make sure you and your loved ones feel the love of Christ…..the love of acceptance. 


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I’ve had two lessons with another one coming up tomorrow afternoon. I am loving every minute!! Learning so much. I will check back to give you more updates! I am not ready to play in front of anyone but my teacher and husband! That will come later!

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Billy Graham Library

Friday, my Mom and two sisters and I, took a trip to Charlotte to visit the Billy Graham Library. It actually isn’t a real library of sorts…mainly a pictorial and audio presentation of Billy Graham’s life and ministry. It was wonderful and worth the trip!

The following pictures were taken in Billy’s homeplace. I should have taken a picture of the house so you could see it…they moved it from another location, but everything is replicated from the time when he lived there with his family…..even the colors and furniture.

There was a talking cow in the first presentation! It looked so real with ear twitches and all!

And a real looking cat!

There was a presentation of the Berlin Wall….Billy preached during this time in history.

And in one room, there were these wonderful, huge pictures of people from different nationalities, depicting the many different countries where Billy Graham has presented the gospel during his crusades!


“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.”  Romans 1:16

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Cello Lesson #1

I’ve had my first cello lesson and those 30 minutes went by fast, let me tell you! I learned so much…my teacher told me it was 6 lessons in one! I’ve practiced every evening this week, and am ready for my next lesson. I was taught these important first things: I learned in what position my cello should be….it was easier to “feel” it as I hugged it against my chest!  The height of the cello is important too, according to your own body. The one thing I am struggling with is the correct way to hold my bow.

This picture was hard to take as I used my left hand to hold the camera to take the picture…anyway, it will all come with practice. I am wanting to play like a pro right away….since I have a background in piano, I read music, so I was sneaking ahead in my book, trying to play more songs. That’s so like me in my walk with the Lord! I need to wait on my teacher’s instruction……I need to wait on the Lord….and His perfect timing. Anyway, I am excited to continue these lessons!

“Wait on the LORD; Be strong and let you heart take courage, Yes, wait for the LORD.” Psalm 27:14

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Flippin’ Over Flip Flops

Everybody is wearing them……everywhere! Even to church. Now that is going too far in my humble opinion! But they are so easy to slip on and go. They come in so many colors and styles too. And even babies wear them! I love them!  But……you knew the “but” was coming! They play havoc with my feet. I have some bad feet…some of it is because I didn’t take care of them, but most of the problems I have were inherited. If I wear them all the time, especially on this hard surface in my workshop, I get pain on the bottoms of my feet, on the sides, on my ankles……well, you get the picture. My whole foot hurts. So…..I shouldn’t be wearing these. I guess I need to flip over to the flop side and put these babies away….I can’t say I will never wear them again, but I am wearing my athletic shoes more and more. It’s probably easier for me to NOT wear them because my feet are pretty ugly. Yes, I am saying this for all to read. But it is true. With that said, I want to be kinder to my feet because they hold me up! And that is fairly important to me!! Forget about stylish feet…I just want healthy feet!

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One step at a time…

This morning I went out walking after being out of the habit for quite a while, due to back problems…well, I thought it would feel good, but hoo boy….my right ankle was hurting. I wanted to stop, but knew if I just kept walking, it would be better…at least, I hoped it would. I started praying, as I do most times while walking……I call it prayer walking (that’s another post!!)……and after a bit, I realized my ankle wasn’t painful anymore. Just walking through that pain…not giving up was the key.

It’s like so many hard things we go through. We start on that difficult journey, and realize how painful it is and we want to give up. I really think we give up way too easily. We all don’t like pain…who does, anyway? But God has shown me with other difficult things in my life, that the painful journey is not traveled alone. But so many of us want to do things our way…all by ourselves…. and we end up suffering the consequences. Of course we want to give up because we can’t do it on our own strength. God’s word says it all…….and I believe it. “The Lord God is my strength, and He will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and He will make me to walk upon mine high places.”   Habakkuk 3:19

Take your painful journey, one step at a time…..with the Lord.

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