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We certainly didn’t expect such a wonderful turn out at our 6th Annual Christmas Open House, especially with the economy being as it is. But God has a way of surprising us, doesn’t He? We thank Him for His faithfulness and continued provision!





Here is Kim Harvey, one of our winners of a O My Soap gift box!


And here is the second winner, Annette Parris!



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For the past 5 years, we have had an open house here at our workshop…kind of like a wonderful Christmas Boutique! It’s been fun (yes, fun!!!) getting ready for it, but a little hectic at times. This year we are sending out more invitations than ever and expect lots of friends. Here are some pillows in progress:


This represents 174 various pillows….neck, cherry seed, eye pillows, hot spicy pads, lavender sachets, door stops and sinus pillows! All they need is to be filled with either buckwheat hulls, lavender, cherry seeds, spices or flaxseeds.


These are just a peak into some new lavender sachets I will be offering!


These are my Sleepy Eyezz masks ready to have the velcro sewn on the elastic. And then packaged….ready to sell. They’re fun to make.


These represent 18 of my catnip mice toys…ready to be sewn and stuffed with catnip…they take me longer to make then most of my pillows as I sew eyes and whiskers on after they are filled with catnip. I do sell a lot of them! Well, need to get back to work!

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Sewing books inspire me!


Here are a few books I have on my shelf in my workshop…..let me take down a few to show you what really inspires me!


The author, Kaari Meng, uses lots of red toile and other red patterns….which I adore in a home. It makes your rooms look so warm and homey.


I always drool over these stacks of fabric on the cover of this book. It is by the same author and she shows more ideas. I am always on the prowl for French textiles but if I do find them, they are usually priced above my budget~!


There are lots of cute projects in this book. I may try a few out….Joelle Hoverson is the author of this one.


This is a brand new book by one of my favorite fabric designers, Anna Maria Horner. I just love looking through the book and the colorful and creative pictures!


I thought the fabric envelope on the front of this book was so clever! Cynthia Treen is responsible for all of these creative ideas. You can tell what I love to do, besides making soap…….sewing!!!!

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