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This afternoon, Jim, Jennifer, Ezra and I celebrated this wonderful 60 degree weather by walking on the fairly new Newton Greenway behind Jennifer’s house.






Hollow Tree that held a surprise!


They found a "Letterbox"

The Letterbox

Look what's inside! A cool stamp and a small notebook....!

Here's the stamp

See how many people have discovered this letterbox!!

My Favorite message!

Jennifer looking for a bottle of coins she and Ezra hid many weeks ago...

I think they've found it!

Yes, here it is!!

A map of Newton’s Greenway….see Jim’s reflection?? End of a wonderful afternoon!!

Letterboxing is an intriguing pastime combining artistic ability with “treasure-hunts” in parks, forests, and cities around the world. Participants seek out hidden letterboxes by cracking codes and following clues. The prize: an image from a miniature piece of art known as a rubber stamp—usually a unique, hand-carved creation.

Letterboxers stamp their discoveries in a personal journal, then use their own rubber stamp, called a signature stamp, by stamping it into the logbook found with the letterbox, perhaps writing a note about the weather or your adventures in finding the letterbox. Go to www.atlasquest.com  for more information on Letterboxing.


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“As for you, Solomon, my son, know the God of your father, and serve Him with a whole heart and a willing mind, for the LORD searches every heart and understands the intention of every thought. If you seek Him, He will be found by you, but if you forsake Him, He will reject you forever.” 1 Chronicles 28:9-10

After the funeral of a wonderful Godly woman, so dear to me, I had a panicky feeling, the overwhelming need to run out of the church, just to get away from the pain and hurt. It wasn’t because of the death of my friend, for she lived a very long life and I knew, without a doubt, where she was right now…in the presence of our Lord. I knew I would miss her, but no, it wasn’t the grief I was experiencing. It was the words that were said during her funeral that were so shocking and hurtful to me. Words spoken by someone who was supposed to demonstrate the love of God and had an important role in the church. But the words that were spoken were said in arrogance, pridefulness and worldliness.

My husband was right behind me, realizing my pain and wanting to take it all away. As we hurriedly got in the car to leave, my heart was breaking. I was in disbelief that these words would be spoken and that my friend’s funeral was  used as an opportunity to reveal the egotistical motives of this man.

As we drove down the hill of the street, we saw an old man standing out in the middle of the roadway. This man appeared to come from another country as he was dressed in such an odd manner.


He stuck out like a sore thumb…!  He had a full beard and wore a hat,  and even though the weather was warm, his coat looked like it was made of wool. One aspect of his dress stuck out in my mind. His shoes were black and shiny. He clearly looked lost. We stopped and my husband asked him if he needed help. The old man said in a heavy Romanian-type accent that he was looking for a watch repair shop.

Putting our emotions aside, we decided to help him find this shop. He gave us the street address and we tried to find it in vain. After looking for a while, we knew we needed to go someplace to ask directions. Stopping at the local post office, my husband went in to see if he could get some help in locating this repair shop. The old man then started talking to me and the words he said were absolutely astonishing to me. In his heavy accent, he said that he believed that some Christian leaders were called by God, and others were not and were only in it for the wrong purpose and motives. He said some other encouraging words that led me to believe that he was a Christian himself. As he continued to give me words of comfort…I was in a daze thinking that he knew nothing of where we had just come from or the agony I was suffering. He gave me words of compassion that blessed my soul so much that it was as if he knew all about what had happened.

We found the repair shop and dropped him off. I wanted to find out where he lived….I was just amazed. It was as if God had sent this man to us to comfort and strengthen us during such a difficult time. I will never forget this man. My story may seem unlikely for you to believe, but it is true.

I believe that God can reveal Himself in dreams and other ways. Many missionaries give credence to how God uses dreams to reveal Himself to people groups that have never heard of God. I am in no way a believer in pantheism; the belief that God is in all. But if you seek Him, as I Chronicles 29: 9-10 says, He will be found by you. God knew my heart that day and I firmly believe that He gave me comfort through this old man.

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Psalm 90

Last fall one day at the church, I spotted a visiting gentleman who was shaking hands with a half-dozen folks he’d never met belore. Then he looked at me, and with a grin and a twinkle, he whipped out his hand. It was a hand you could strike a match on, toughened by decades of rugged toil.

“You look like a man who enjoys life. What do you do for a living?” I asked.
“Me? Well, I’m a farmer from back in the Midwest.”
“Really? I guess I’m not surprised, since you’ve got hands like a tractor tire.”
He laughed . . . asked me a couple of insightful questions, then told me about his plans for traveling on his own.
“What did you do last week?” I asked.
His answer stunned me. “Last week I finished harvesting 90,000 bushels of corn,” he said with a smile.
I then blurted out, “Ninety thousand! How old are you, my friend?”
He didn’t seem at all hesitant or embarrassed by my question. “I’m just a couple months shy o’ 90.” He laughed again as I shook my head.

He had lived through four wars, the Great Depression, sixteen presidents, ninety Midwest winters, who knows how many personal hardships, and he was still taking life by the throat. I had to ask him the secret of his long and productive life. “Hard work and integrity” was his quick reply.

As we parted company, he looked back over his shoulder and added, “Don’t take it easy, young feller. Stay at it!”

The Bible is filled with folks who refused to take it easy. Remember our friend Caleb, who, at age 85, attacked the Anakim in the hill country and successfully drove them out (Josh. 14)? Or Abraham, who had a baby (well, actually Sarah did) when he was “in his old age” . . . he was 100, she was 90 (Gen. 21)? Or Noah or Moses or Samuel or Anna, the 84-year-old prophetess . . . significant people, all.

Age means zilch. Wrinkles, gray hair, and spots on your hands, less than zilch. If God chooses to leave you on this old earth, great. If He makes it possible for you to step aside from your work and move on to new vistas with fresh challenges, that’s also great.

And whatever else you do, don’t take it easy!

“No disease is more lethal than the boredom that follows retirement” (Norman Cousins).

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Looking out from within.

Beautiful Amarylis that's bloomed sitting on my dining room table.

From a heap of birds to........

..to a mobile of birds at my kitchen window.

I've been working on my yo yo quilt.....

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