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Proper Diction

Maybe this is just a sign of old age….not understanding people when they talk. But this has been going on for a very long time! Especially when talking to teenagers!……most especially talking to teens. They mumble. It’s like they have marbles or food in their mouths. I am constantly saying, “Pardon me?” They mumble again. But what is really funny is when they get together….they mumble with one another and actually understand their mumblings!!

My husband and I had the most wonderful 8th grade teacher, named Mrs. Sidle. She taught us the art of the English language. It was an art. Not only the written word, but how you verbalize it. And to this day, that’s why Jim and I are so sensitive to hearing the English language spoken with disdain. It’s almost noise to us….. or worse. And I don’t know how many times someone has said to me after hearing me speak, “Oh, you must not be from around these parts. You must be a yankee.” I am, that is true. But anywhere you live, be it in the North, South, East or West, you should be able to talk so that you can be understood.

I don’t like this new way that teenagers are communicating….or for that matter, the way most of us are communicating ┬ánowdays….by texting, email (although that is becoming obsolete!!) through Facebook etc. We are losing the art of the spoken word. When I ask someone a question, I want to be able to understand their answer. Is that asking for too much!!!!!??


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Creeping-type fern ...my favorite! Can't remember the name though.

Perennial Maidenhair Fern...so delicate.

Peacock Fern...not a true fern but oh so pretty...it will get a lot bigger as the season goes on.

Royal Fern.....I am not sure where they originated from...but a very old species.

The Japanese Beech Fern I had taken a picture of and posted awhile back before it had a chance to grow...very pretty, n'est pas?

Perennial Fern......name unknown

Japanes Painted Fern...I love these colorful ferns!

Another Maidenhair

An average maidenhair that I planted last year, not thinking it would survive the winter. As you can see, it did!!

This perennial fern looks like what they call a "table fern"...but it's not and I do not know the name of it.

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Lena Broom in full bloom weighted down by its blossoms!

Clematis in full bloom....the after picture of course!!

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