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Raise the Bar | WNC Magazine

Raise the Bar | WNC Magazine.

Look at this! We are one of the featured soapmakers in this month’s Western North Carolina WNC Magazine! Our Tomato Soap is in the middle!!


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Fun Stuff

I was putting together a gift box to donate to a special non-profit organization and wanted to put a little something special in it. I made this wool felt bird stuffed with some lavender. It turned out really cute….and it was fun!!!
I am in the midst of preparing our inventory for the start of our Farmers Markets…it takes much work and most of it I enjoy. But when I need to make 24 Eye Pillows, 24 Cherry Seed Soothers, 16 Sinus Pillows, 24 Herbal Dream Pillows, 24 Frosty Foot Balms, 16 Food Soaks….(you get the idea)…when all of that is facing me, sometimes I just want to make some fun stuff!!

This is the quilt I recently completed for our yet to be born granddaughter, Keira. It was so very fun to make and has inspired me to make one for each of my loved ones!!

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