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It makes our home feel warm and very comforting……

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Photo by Misa Shuford

I’ve been talking about writing thank you notes, but the only way for me to thank all of my wonderful O My Soap! friends is through my blog. The year 2008 was so awesome and it’s because of the support and encouragement from all of you. I thank you so much for having confidence in our little company and making our job so much fun and rewarding too! Eight years ago, I would have never dreamed up a job that we have now. God has a way of giving us our dream that we never knew we had!! 

We have met so many wonderful people in the Hickory and Charlotte areas. Not only are you absolutely the best customers, but you’ve fast become our friends too. We love to hear about your families and enjoy meeting some of your extended loved ones too.

Jim, Jennifer and I are looking forward to seeing you all again in the spring. We trust God for a wonderful year….after all, without His guidance and grace, O My Soap! probably wouldn’t be around.

We wish you a very blessed and peaceful and healthy new year!

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After receiving this thank you note from Ezra, one of my grandsons, it encouraged me to get out my stationery and write a few myself. Yes, I’ve thanked the giver in person, and I’ve been thanked myself by the receiver in person. But getting a card, either in the mail, or handed to you, means so much more. They have taken time to write and it makes you think that they really liked the gift! And your gift isn’t taken for granted.  With so many having computers now, people writing actual paper notes is a thing of the past! or does it have to be? Let’s bring back that lost art,  first by writing notes ourselves, and next teaching our children the importance of writing and sending them. 


By the way, Ezra is only 5 years old!

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What’s got you down? Just read a newspaper or watch the local news or check out MSNBC on the internet, and you’ll have a long list of stuff to get you down. I am thinking now of so many people that have been laid off from jobs they’ve had for years….a young couple at our church had a baby right before Christmas, and guess what? The father was laid off too. What about all that is happening over in Gaza? Our new president and all of his promises. Homes continuing to go into foreclosure = people losing. Well, I won’t continue to list what is happening in our world today. But it is enough for anyone to toss and turn at night.  And then facing the morning with your worst fears…….a day of no hope……..or so you think.


These precious grandsons of mine are my hope of tomorrow (and my other grandchildren)……I look at them and see how God has blessed our family with grace and love. But how can I, as a grandmother and mother, encourage my grandchildren and my children, to trust God for their futures? If you trust what you see and read, what hope do you have? But you know, ironically, if you trust what or Who you don’t see…..there….that is the hope we have!

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1


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