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“It is the Lord who created the stars,
      the Pleiades and Orion.
   He turns darkness into morning
      and day into night.
   He draws up water from the oceans
      and pours it down as rain on the land.
      The Lord is his name!” ~Amos 5:8

Golden Hour July 09 001

Golden Hour July 09 003

Golden Hour July 09 004

Golden Hour July 09 005


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Summer Cello Lessons

products and cello 103

Can you see Charlie hidden among all of my fabric? He stares at me every day as I am out in the workshop making soap and sewing. Makes me feel guilty for letting him just sit there. Last week I had 4 grandkids staying here and didn’t get much practicing done. But this week has started out well. I find I can practice better in the early evening.

products and cello 106

This is the piece I have been working on…Minuet by Boccherini. I am hoping to have the fingering correct and my trills by next lesson which is next week. Then I only have one more lesson until the Fall. That seems like a lot of time between lessons.

Also as I was playing last night, I thought I should tackle the vibrato again. This time it clicked! I finally have the feel for it and am so happy. But it will take time to feel comfortable in playing..knowing where to use it. My cello teacher said eventually, I will know exactly where to use vibrato. I believe her!!

One thing that all cello students go through, especially adult students, is being able to play well…….fingering has to be correct. The bowing also….I read music fairly well, but that doesn’t mean I can play with a sweet sound. Sometimes I feel as though my hands are like gorilla’s paws…!! But everything will come with time….I am sure of it. The most important thing is that I just love to play.

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4th of July 2009 011

4th of July 2009 015  

 4th of July 2009 016

4th of July 2009 017   4th of July 2009 007

4th of July 2009 001  4th of July 2009 004

4th of July 2009 023

4th of July 2009 025

4th of July 2009 027   4th of July 2009 041

“Thanks be to God for his unspeakable gift.”     

 ” Praise be to God for what he has given, which words have no power to say.”  

~II Corinthians 9:15

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Angel Wings

This truly is an Angel Wing Begonia!! And some other pictures of my begonias…my very favorite summer porch plant!

begonias 001      begonias 004

begonias 005  begonias 007

begonias 008  begonias 009

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