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As we sat close to one another on the sofa, looking at the pictures that she brought from her country, the young missionary woman exhibited a fresh excitement that truly left me speechless. I listened in wonder as she told me of how the Lord had come along side of her family in times of needs…listening to her wonderful accent, I marveled at how small their needs really were….I thought about my own needs…then I realized they were really wants. I felt very self-centered and I longed for the joy she expressed in sharing her self with others.

She then told me of her happiness in shopping at one of the large stores here in the U.S. and how so thankful she was to be able to purchase some oatmeal. I thought, “Oatmeal?” She quickly told me that when she got back to her country, she would be able to share some of her oatmeal with her neighbors and cousin.

Again, I thought, “Oatmeal?” I began thinking more about this….

How often am I willing to share the little things in life
with others? Not just things, but my time too….I will never think about oatmeal the same again….are you sharing your oatmeal?


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