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Snow Mushrooms

Wearing a pair of Jim’s workboots, I decided to venture out this morning and see what I could find in all of this snow….10 inches…at least!!

Our table (with the umbrella still up!! Go figure!!) reminded me of a giant mushroom. Wonder if there were some other snow mushrooms lurking about!

Tiny snow mushrooms


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I am still learning the last song in Suziki Book 3 but have already purchase #4 with great anticipation. I am now in my second year of learning cello and still enjoying the process immensely. It has been a huge challenge but one I am so willing to pursue.

Here are 3 of the techniques I am still struggling with….

1. Consistent bowing (sometimes I get it right, sometimes I don’t)

2. Proper fingering ( I hate to use this as an excuse, but with arthritis in my fingers, with my left hand especially, I struggle with this all the time.)

3. Vibrato (this……I don’t care what anyone says…..is a technique that requires time to achieve!! To me it is an advance technique…to do it right)

Well, I am sure there are so many other things too but these 3 stand out the most….things I need to really focus on.  And what will it take?…we all know….practice, practice, practice. But through it all, I am just having fun!

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Searching for Spring

I took my camera this morning and thought I would try to see if I could find a hint of Spring lurking about. Judging from the pictures I took….you decide!

Even my garden gnome is searching~!

Ahh…..just a touch I have found!

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It’s hard for me to grasp that another year has come and gone. That feeling of time slipping by so fast is a sign of…..old age? Perhaps…or maybe it’s just that you’re having so much fun you don’t notice it! Or you are working the days away, and before you know it….well, you get what I am trying to say. We can think of so many reasons, silly or otherwise, that explains that rapidly passing of time, but it really doesn’t have to pass in vain. I am looking at 2009 as teaching me some valuable lessons. The only way to realize that you have learned from something is to look back and contemplate. And as I looked back in the passing of these hours, days, weeks and months, this passage of time was holding some wisdom that was hidden from my paltry field of vison. I am positive that you won’t have to search long to see wisdom embedded in the passing of time. As I have considered what Wisdom was teaching me, one most wonderful realization came to me.  Here is is:


 These wonderful pictures are just a part of my family. I’ve learned that these people are more important to me than anyone or anything. To really see how precious your family is, you have to push aside any long held anger, bitterness and fill that space with forgiveness and love and compassion. These attributes will reveal what is really important in your life. My husband, my daughters and their husbands, my grandchildren, my Mom and sisters and their family are truly precious to me. This new year I want to show them all just how cherished and valued they are to me. I want to take the time to do it….just take the time. Thanks 2010 for coming so I can put to practice what God’s wisdom is teaching me.

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