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I love love to find boxes of greeting cards. But not just your usual ones. First of all, they have to be so cool: 


Then they have to be under $4.00 a box: 

However, I think I spent more than $4.00 on this box.


I stack them up and just love looking at them. 


I buy them at TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Ross stores to name a few. Occasionally, but not often, I actually send one out in the mail to someone……to let them know I am thinking of them. But to be honest with you, I forget mostly that I have these wonderful cards! 

Some collect cookbooks but alas, they don’t know how to cook. How many of us love to read magazine articles entitled:  “How to get a flat belly!!” but alas, our belly’s are definitely not flat. Or I love to watch “Biggest Loser” while eating my ice cream. There are those that love sewing books or quilting books of all kinds. They go to great lengths to add new ones to their collection. But alas, they don’t know how to sew or quilt. You can probably add your own obsession/collection to this article. 

I think that we all have the right idea….I think we all are on the right track. But it sounds like we’re a little obsessed with these collections!  The thing we lack though, is the motivation,  gumption, initiative, the momentum…the right stuff, the vigor and vitality, the get-up-and-go……and ok…….the fire in the belly!! Just how important is it to us to lose that belly fat or learn to sew? And in my case…is it really important to me that I let someone know I am thinking of them? That they mean so much to me? Yes….yes….and yes! Then why don’t I use these lovely cards? 

Maybe I’m a little selfish with my time? Thinking I don’t have the time? And maybe we feel that we’ll fail if we learn to make a dress or bake that special cake….or lose that belly. Basically, I think many of us don’t stretch ourselves enough to look beyond…. to see that person that God sees in us.  We’re in our little comfort zone. We’re settling for less.  But I know first hand, that a person can do so much more than they allow themselves to accomplish. Do you know what that means? To stretch yourself?……it means to grow as a person. We limit ourselves without really knowing it.  To grow means to reach out for that hope that God will fulfill in us, that person He has in mind for us. Don’t let you collection become an obession. 

Those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles. (Is 40:31)


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by Charles R. Swindoll

Philippians 4:8

Thoughts are the thermostat that regulates what we accomplish in life. If I feed my mind upon doubt, disbelief, and discouragement, that is precisely the kind of day my body will experience. If I adjust my thermostat forward to thoughts filled with vision, vitality, and victory, I can count on that kind of day. Thus, you and I become what we think about.

Neither Dale Carnegie nor Norman Vincent Peale originated such a message. God did. “For as [a man] thinks within himself, so he is” (Prov. 23:7). “Therefore, prepare your minds for action” (1 Peter 1:13).

The mind is a “thought factory” producing thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of thoughts each day. Production in your thought factory is under the charge of two foremen. One we shall call Mr. Triumph, the other Mr. Defeat.

Mr. Triumph specializes in producing reasons why you can face life victoriously, why you can handle what comes your way, why you’re more than able to conquer. Mr. Defeat is an expert in the opposite. He develops reasons why you cannot succeed, why you’re inadequate, why you should give up and give in to worry, failure, discouragement, and inferiority.

Give a positive signal, and Mr. Triumph will see to it that one encouraging, edifying thought after another floods your mind. But Mr. Defeat is always standing by, awaiting a negative signal (which he would rather you call “reality” or “common sense!”), and when he gets it, he cranks out discouraging, destructive, demoralizing thoughts that will soon have you convinced you can’t or won’t or shouldn’t.

Thoughts, positive or negative, grow stronger when fertilized with constant repetition. That may explain why so many who are gloomy and gray stay in that mood . . . and why those who are cheery and enthusiastic continue to be so.

What kind of performance would your car deliver if every morning before you left for work you scooped up a handful of dirt and put it in your crankcase? The engine would soon be coughing and sputtering. Ultimately it would refuse to start. The same is true of your life. Thoughts that are narrow, self-destructive, and abrasive produce needless wear and tear on your mental motor. They send you off the road while others drive past.

You need only one foreman in your mental factory: Mr. Triumph is his name. He is eager to assist you and available to all the members of God’s family.

His real name is the Holy Spirit, the Helper.

If Mr. Defeat is busily engaged as the foreman of your factory, fire yours and hire ours! You will be amazed at how smoothly the plant will run under His leadership. 

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