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Ally, Michael and Hayden live in Paradise, Texas

Cody, Zachary, Kassidy and Jacob live in Clarksville, Tennessee

Ryan is stationed at Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Ezra lives 5 minutes away in Newton, North Carolina.

It’s hard being a long distance Nana and Grandma. We have 9 grandchildren and only one, Ezra lives around the corner from us. What a blessing he is. But the rest all live out of state. I miss being around my grandchildren so much. Calling on the phone is an option which I don’t take advantage of…mainly, because I do all the talking in most cases. Writing or emailing is the same dilemma. I want to be there in person to hug, squeeze and kiss!! And just laugh at their cute jokes….all of them have a wonderful sense of humor. Maybe they take after their Grandpa Jim/Poppy. It’s so fun to be around them. But somehow, I need to continue to love them and show them that love long-distance. There’s many books on grandparenting long-distance.  I really haven’t read them though. I guess one thing I worry about is that they will forget who I am or what I am like….actually, I worry about who they are and what they are like!! Four of them are teen-agers and you know how much they change! Actually, they all are in the process of changing all the time. I miss seeing those changes…..I guess the most important thing I can communicate to my grandchildren is how much I love them….and how important they are to me. I need to start getting more creative to let them know!! Any ideas would be so welcome!!


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Today, between the mist and the rain, I snuck outside with my camera to catch a few ferns and things…it sure is a Carolina day today! Oh…I hear the rain again!! I took these pictures just in time.

2009-plants-001     2009-plants-004

2009-plants-002 This is the start of my little gnome cottage. I just planted the moss…although the moss around the door is something I bought today at Michaels because with all this rain, the dirt was collapsing. It’s just dried moss..at least it’s holding it up until the other mosses fill in. I have plans for a little fence and gate…it’s so fun!! The stepping stones I “planted” are hidden by all of the debris from this weather. Will keep you posted as it grows.

Jack in the pulpit:                                                                            A creeping fern:

2009-plants-005  2009-plants-006

2009-plants-0072   One of my maidenhair ferns.2009-plants-008 This is called a Royal Fern

2009-plants-009  2009-plants-011

2009-plants-012                                False Indigo2009-plants-014        2009-plants-017

My little knockout Rose bush! I love those!!

2009-plants-018 2009-plants-019 I love birds!!


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Bobby and Johnny

Bobby never did like to take a nap!


Eveybody laughed at Johnny’s new glasses!



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