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I used to be a huge collector of stuff….ducks, bowls, doilys, baskets (still do some)….but since getting older, if I do collect,  it isn’t all over the house…but in little areas…click the picture to see better.

This shadow box is actually a printers drawer...there were such tiny spaces to fill and whenever I found a little something I would buy it. They are mostly filled with people and there is barely any empty spaces, but I really enjoy looking at my collection.

This is not a printers drawer but just a regular shadow box. Many of these little things I have had a long time.....it's hanging in my bedroom.

Now some would say this isn't a collection, but I disagree...it's a collection of sedums and succulents that I just love. I just planted these so we'll see how they do.

These are an egg basket collection. The one in the lower right row is one that I made years ago.

My Fiesta Ware collection that we use every day. I am basically finished collecting but if they come out with a new color, like lavender, that would be awesome!


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These are the little wool felt shoes I’ve made for our soon to be born granddaughter, Keira. I could make her 10 more….. they were so fun to make. I got this tutorial from here   http://www.purlbee.com/felt-baby-shoes/








And this evening I made this wool felt ball for her. It was fun to do. Here is the tutorial  http://www.duofiberworks.com/journal/2009/11/9/felt-rainbow-ball-tutorial.html

The felt ball in her tutorial is a lot better than mine…but next one will be better. I really love working with wool felt!



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