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Who hasn’t thought about going back in your life to do something over again? I know I have. What would I change or do over? Well, I can think of times spent with my girls…..making those times mean more, being more active in their school events, starting earlier to teach them God’s word, cooking more for my family, reading more to my girls every night, not being selfish with my time, learning new things and not being lazy about it, taking better care of myself by not eating so much, being more active physically, not making so many financial mistakes. Oh, I could go on and on. If I knew then what I know now…wow….wouldn’t that be something?!!!  

What would you do differently given a second chance?

It’s not that I dwell on the past so much. I just wish I could have changed things … I wish I could have that second chance to make things right…the way I think things should have been. Well, there is no way in the world we can go back in time.

But we do get second chances. We all do. Yes, we do!! Do you realize that every time you wake up and see the sun shining, or maybe you wake up to the sound of rain…..every time you wake to a different day…it is a different day…a new one! You are given a second chance to use this day unlike you used the day before! Granted you can’t change doing things differently for your grown children. You aren’t able to go back in time to correct those mistakes made years ago. But today can be new choices you can make.  Learn something new today. Do something today that you fear. Share yourself…time and energy with someone else. Make the minutes in your day count. Eat healthy food…treat your body as the temple of God. Making the choice that you don’t really need that new ____________(you fill in the blank)….Save your money! And give yourself a break. Don’t lament over past mistakes. Look at today as a gift from God.

Treasure this day.

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11


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Jim is leading this Fire Proof  Bible Study in our church and even though we have been married 41 years! there is still so much to glean from this movie and follow-up Bible study. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, rent it and sit down with your spouse and give it your attention for a couple of hours. It is a tear jerker, even for the men!

This Bible study helps married couples to know how to love one another by showing us how God can love us unconditionally. Forgiveness…offering and receiving it is definitely something that touched me. The movie pointed out how much a man needs respect from his wife…this wasn’t new to me. But a wonderful reminder. Love is something we women long for…little things that our men can do to show it was featured in the 40 day Love Dare principles. Not just what the men can do but also how we can show respect for them. A movie and Bible study worth the time!

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I decided to practice out here in the soap shop today. I’ve been working on some pieces, especially one that the “Cello Chics” will be playing in April. It’s a Beatles song!! There is a part that has been a little hard for me but today I gave it my all. And I “think I’ve got it!” 

I used my keyboard as a music stand! It was really quiet out here and I am tempted to make this my regular practice “studio”!





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My Backyard Birds


This poem was written by my sister, Kathy, for my new backyard birds. I love it!  Jim and I went out back to find a branch to hang these little birds on….I will be taking them with me to the Charlotte Farmers Market this weekend.


It’s hard to see the birds in this workshop environment..maybe you can see them better with this picture…


Well, maybe not…but I think it will be an eye-catching addition to our market set up… these birds have become my favorite thing to make!

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I received this in today’s mail and wanted to share this powerful testimony from Franklin Graham:


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A Midnight scripture…

Last night I didn’t sleep very well….just tossing and turning,  and feeling my arthritis flaring up. Just wasn’t a good night….at least at first. Because as I was laying there, trying to go back to sleep, this kept going through my mind: “Taste and see that the Lord is good…”.  Oh…….was God trying to tell me something? This morning I looked up the scripture from Psalm 34:8. “O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!” I was thinking that when you taste something…you savor it. You take time to taste the sweetness or spicyness of it.  You don’t gobble it down….you relish it. The goodness of God….how often do I relish Him and savor the sweetness of His spirit and Who He is?  As I read His word, often, I will admit, I rush through my devotions, thinking, at least I got that done this morning. I want to savor His words to me. I want to relish His holiness…it’s so sweet. The message I got from my midnight scripture was this…..take time for Me, Dorothy.

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My husband, Jim, asked me what I wanted to do today, my birthday. And I told him all I really wanted to do is to work on these:


Here is a closer shot of one of them…I guess I will call them my Lavender Birds:



The beads in their mouths represent a worm…now is that silly or what? They also have a bit of lavender in their tummys. I love birds and wanted to make some to add to our product line for the spring. I plan to take at least 10 to the Market in Charlotte next weekend. I want to cut a branch from out in back so I can hang them. I wasn’t sure if I should make all of their wings with felt or the yoyo’s. I decided to do both. So…that is what I did today on my “Birdday”!!


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